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Montezuma Got His Revenge in Cancun

You’d think after the boat ride, the pool party and the majority of the trip done, we would have smooth sailing the rest of the trip. And you’d be wrong. Find out what really happened here.

Yes, that was a great day on the yacht.

Yes, that was a great day on the yacht.

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Sun Poisoning and Other Fun Things They Don’t Warn You About in Mexico

Get ready for the exciting conclusion to my first foray to Mexico. After whale sharks, seasickness and tequila everywhere you turned, what more could happen? Read the blog to find out! Continue reading

Cancun Whale Shark Diving and Sunburns from Hell

Our trip to Cancun started off so promisingly, but there was no way it could all be smooth sailing and copious amounts of alcohol right? Check out how right I was, when we decided to daringly swim with sharks! Continue reading