About Me

Hi there, thanks for visiting my blog Vittles and Voyages!

I’m Paige and I’m starting this blog as a place I can share two of my passions, food (the cooking, baking and eating) and travel (which I would do for a living if I could). Since blogging is relatively new to me, please bear with me as I figure this out (mostly through trial and error).

Food of all kinds has always interested me, and I particularly love baking and sweets, so after seeing so many others sharing their creations and brilliant pictures online, I’ve decided I want to too. Generally, I try to eat healthier, but that doesn’t mean I’ll turn down making and tasting something delicious when given the chance. Like many others, I try to find the balance between food and my body so I can feel good about what I’m eating and the way my clothes fit. I’ll try anything once, and I’m happy to incorporate paleo, gluten-free and even vegetarian recipes into my repertoire. My attempts may not always turn out perfectly, but every time I try, they get better.

Travel and exploration are also things I love, and being able to write about it, to share my stories with others is an amazing opportunity. Not only do I enjoy hearing about other people’s experiences in places I’ve both been, but every time I write about a trip, I relive it again. The ups and downs, from upgrades to first class to lost luggage for three days, each trip is a unique adventure in itself and they never go exactly according to plan. But that’s what’s exciting. Some of my best memories happened unexpectedly, and I’m positive there are many more to come. And as with food, I’ll try anything once.

I’m blogging to you from Atlanta, Georgia. While I’m a midwest girl at heart, born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, after moving to Atlanta for college, the peach state (and its warmer weather), convinced me to stay. With my spirit for adventure though, who knows where I might be in the future if presented with the right opportunity.

My hope is that this blog inspires others to take action in the kitchen and to see more of the world. Nothing broadens your horizons like travel and getting outside your comfort zone.

Please feel free to contact me with questions or comments. You can email me at [email protected] or by using the form below, and I hope you enjoy Vittles and Voyages!

All opinions are my own.